More than 90% of pain problems are generated by soft tissue injuries and biomechanical functional impairments. To effectively treat pain, a physician must accurately identify the underlying cause of injury to render the most appropriate and effective treatment. We do not exist in isolation, and more often the source of discomfort is not a singular issue. Many contributing factors that help create and sustain pain must be addressed to alleviate suffering. Truly knowing the person with the disease allows a better comprehension of what may be perpetuating the problem.  Identifying other factors that contribute to the pain and discomfort is essential to resolve the overwhelming feeling of fatigue and poor health. This is a process that takes time to unravel, yet the ultimate goal is to promote an elevated sense of well-being and longevity.

What to expect:

  • Multidisciplinary patient-centered care
  • Expert diagnosis and treatment of pain, acute or chronic
  • Exploration of the root cause of the problem to maximize the healing process
  • Concern for the whole person not just the presenting problem
  • Addressing behavioral, emotional, and  physical dimensions of pain
  • Integration of natural approaches with conventional treatment
  • Coordination of care with other health professionals

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