Ultrasound waves reflect off of various tissues differently allowing us to precisely see the finite detail of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.  In doing so, we can see things that we never could before. For example, finding small tears in muscles that even MRI cannot see. Unlike MRI, ultrasound allows visualization of tissue dynamically (examining the affected area while the patient moves his/her extremity) to better determine why dysfunction and pain are present. Understanding the ongoing pathologic process enables the physician to precisely identify the primary site of diseased tissue and to deliver precise treatments ultimately expediting the healing process. Also, ultrasound-guided injections allow accurate needle placement so medicine can be given precisely where it needs to go for maximum benefit. Finally, ultrasound imaging is less expensive and involves no radiation making it ideal for correctly identifying pathologic tissue and administering appropriate therapeutics while avoiding adverse procedural events.  


  • Ultrasound is not painful
  • No need for sedating medication
  • Water-based gel allows the ultrasound waves to pass thru to the tissue
  • The anatomical image projects onto a monitor for visualization
  • The affected area is pre-screened and reviewed again before the injection procedure
  • Sterile and Aseptic techniques are used before injection
  • Local anesthetic is used with all injection procedures
  • The physician performs the entire procedure
  • Diagnosis and treatment options are reviewed

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