What is Rolfing?


What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is an alternative soft-tissue approach to balance the body in gravity. 

Dr. Ida Rolf began her study and discovery of changing the posture by use of deep-tissue manipulation. The goal is to reorganize the myofascial system so gravity can lift and align the various body segments. Greater functionality and ease of movement are the results.  Joints are freer and with less pain in most circumstances.  Achieving a better balance and straighter alignment.

The basic Rolfing series consists of ten or more structural sessions. After an evaluation of the client’s structure and getting the history of symptoms, past injuries, and surgeries, the therapeutic session can begin. The client is usually asked to lie on a treatment table while the Rolfer works with their hands on related areas of the body to start to alleviate restrictions.  Often, body segments being worked may not be precisely where the symptoms are.  We are very interconnected.  The result is a sense of lightness with less restriction, ease of movement as if the joints are well lubricated.


Sher Stone- Wightman

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Sher pursued the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado to learn a new paradigm to help clients achieve a higher quality of life, better manage or resolve their pain. 

She founded her practice in 1988 while continuing to study various therapeutic modalities.  She graduated from the Rolf Institute in 2005.  Please refer to her website for more detailed information. www.Bodiesbysher.com

Bodies By Sher

The Park 

16607 Blanco Rd, Bldg 12, Suite 203

San Antonio TX 

By appt. only 210-341-2288.  

Once an established client, Sher provides her mobile number for improved communication and convenience.  

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